Symposium for the 30th Anniversary of the Montreal Protocol

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19 – 20 September 2017

Fondation Del  Duca, Paris, France

From the safeguard of the ozone layer to the protection of the Earth climate

Hailed as an example of exceptional international cooperation for the protection of the ozone layer, the Montreal Protocol became in 2010 the first international treaty to achieve universal ratification. In October 2016, the Kigali amendment was added to the Protocol for controlling the growth of the substitutes of ozone depleting substances, some of which are powerful greenhouse gases and thereby mitigating their impact on the Earth’s climate.

Symposium themes:

  • The history of atmospheric ozone and the discovery of the ozone hole
  • Ozone layer science: historical and present perspectives
  • The impact of ozone depletion on climate
  • Environmental effects of the ozone depletion
  • The industry role in the Montreal Protocol and the search for substitutes
  • The impact of hydrofluorocarbons on climate and the Kigali amendment
  • Geoengineering and the future ozone layer
  • Ozone and climate controversies


Observatoire de Versailles Saint-Quentin en Yvelines, Institut Pierre-Simon Laplace, Académie des Sciences, International Ozone Commission, World Meteorological Organization, the United Nations Environmental Programme, World Climate Research Programme (Stratosphere – Troposphere processes and their role in climate)

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September 19-20, 2017